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Gear VR vs. Cardboard

It is a common misconception that the GearVR is in the same category as any Cardboard-like phone holder. The GearVR is an order of magnitude higher quality, far and away the best VR mobile experience out there.

Not only does the headset contain optimized sensors for head tracking, but the Samsung phones have OS level changes (implemented by Oculus) that prioritize VR rendering above all other operations, resulting in sub-20ms latency. This blog explains more:

I have tried almost every VR HMD out there, and the GearVR is comparable to the Oculus DK2 as far as display quality and rotational tracking. If they were somehow able to work in positional tracking it would rival DK2. I have personally spent hours playing my GearVR, knocked out a few chapters of Esper on my last flight to New York.

The Carboard and other phone-holders are great as a gateway to VR, best with 90-second experiences and 360 photos/video clips. There is a reason Google did not put a strap on it. Latency is much higher and performance is much worse because the tracking is handled by un-optimized phone sensors and the VR app is running on top of other processes that the phone will see has higher priority.

Credit: DJChocoKay

HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift vs. Playstation VR

I own a vive and a rift. I bought both to test them out and do a proper review... hands on! Not just look at specs. So far I like the rift headset better. It's lighter and less bulky. Which also breaks immersion and the cables on the vive are much more bulky. Now when the touch controls are released I think rift will be the way to go. The touch controller seems more refined then the vive. But the vive does have more features including Bluetooth connectivity with your phone and front facing camera and 37 sensors built into the headset. The rift is much easier to set up and navigate. The vive took a few hours to get set up and working properly. If I had to rate them both today. The vive wins but when the touch controller is out the rift is the way to go. Especially since valve offers rift support. So all your games built for htc "should work" on rift.

~ Rawdilz4

I got the vive and the oculus, if you want the best vr experience i would go for HTC vive, the oculus is good too but for games you need to sit in a chair, if the oculus gets rom scale they need to make cable extension that don't add lag and i guess the oculus controllers gonna be around 200-300$ but who knows, i like both and i enjoy the vive more atm, some games are better on the oculus and some are better in the vive

~ Mystery-Chris

Oculus vs Pimax

No contest the Oculus is a much better and deservedly a more expensive HMD.

The Oculus just works.
The Oculus is is much easier to get up an running.
The Oculus has much better games support interface.
The Oculus doesn’t have a yellow caste to the images.
The Oculus has both rotational ‘and’ positional tracking.
The Oculus is very light and comfortable to wear for long periods.
The Oculus is well build, and high quality.
The Oculus is worth it’s price.

The PiMAX is a cheap, poorly built, POS.
The PiMAX has only rotational tracking and no positional tracking
The PiMAX adds so much yellow tint to the images that they really should have called it the Pee-Max.
The PiMAX is not worth it … even at it’s cheap price.
The PiMAX requires you to constantly be messing with the software to get it to work, but the latest, latest, latest version of Pee Play might solve old problems … while it adds new ones…
The PiMAX is sold by GearBest, and you may get a new one or you may get a used one (like I did).
The PiMAX can hit you right on the bridge of your nose.
The PiMAX cushion is pitiful, with a glued on fabric over sponge that has hard glue edges in places, making you either trim it off or suffer the uncomfortable feeling of that pressed against your face.
The PiMAX is good looking, but it’s really just a toy HMD, and about the worse one out there, with the possible exception of the Samsung Gear loaded with a “fireball special” Note 7 … and then only because the PiMAX only burns you in the wallet.

Friends don’t let friends buy a PiMAX.

~ Flyer91